Monday, January 30, 2012

Fire 2012 (Chimú)

Here is a little behind the scenes post to show you my process as well as the amount of work that goes into creating a print that is rather simple looking. 
Sketch inspired by Master Weavers of the Toadlena & Two Grey Hills Region, 
a recent show at The Wheelwright Museum In Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Here I am filling in the pattern with pencil on a grid before I begin to cut the linoleum. 
This is the "red" plate. 

This is the "black" plate.

Linoleum shavings. This is approximately 1 evening's worth of lino shavings.
Roughly about 2-3 hours work.

Here is a rough cut of the "black" plate. At this point I have gone over this design 3 times. 
With the 1st pass I made a shallow cut around the edges of the design using a small V shaped No 1 blade. This way when the graphite smears away I still have my pattern line.With the 2nd pass I scoop out large pieces of lino using a C shaped No 5 blade. At this point the plate begins to take shape and looks like lo-relief. On the 3rd pass I use a larger V shaped No 2 or 3 blade to add sharper detail and clean up the edges of the pattern.

Finally on the forth pass I use a No 4 blade to flatten out the ridges created earlier with the 5 blade. 

Here is the "red" plate inked on press. You can see the small blocks of wood I have cut to serve as furniture to hold the lino plate in place. I should mention at this point the plate is mounted to particle board.

And here is the black plate.

Fire in the Sky (Chimú)
tArvis © 2012
13" x 17"
2 color linoleum print

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Karl Marxhausen said...

I appreciate seeing the step by step. You are right. It is labor intensive. Wonder how you got the graph grid on the linopad? Makes me want to try again at cutting. Thanks, man.