Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zombie de la Picasso (master study of Picasso's Pitcher & Fruit Bowl)

This is an illustrated documentation of the
creative process leading up to my painting
"Zombie de la Picasso".

Pitcher & Fruit Bowl
Pablo Picasso 1931
Oil on Canvas
51.25" x 76.75"

Sketch of Pablo Picasso's Pitcher & Fruit Bowl
Travis "tArvis" Porter 2002
pencil & ink on paper
8.25" x 12"

Found image of zombie within sketch.

Zombie de la Picasso
Travis "tArvis" Porter 2004
scanned sketch and C-O-B

Zombie de la Picasso
Travis "tArvis" Porter 2006
Acrylic Paint & Paint Pen on paperboard
9.75" x 13"

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