Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big Steps

I am very excited about my new screen print designs. This print "Big Steps" is a translation of my hand printed lyno print "4 Color Chimú". The screen printed version is a slightly different pattern but mostly much larger. I have also opted for a smaller edition of 7 prints. Which will push me to create new fresh designs. And hopefully more prints will find happy homes with fewer stored under my bed. The guys at La Cucaracha Press did a great job. Be looking for more of this kind of work in the near future.
Big Steps
4 Color Screen Print
20.5" x 30.5"
limited edition of 7
$250 unframed
designed by tArvis © 2013
printed by La Cucaracha Press

Life size!
Up Close at an angle.


1 comment:

tylergalloway said...

wicked cool! very nice work, tarvis. i love looking at all of the color overlays.