Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chimú 4 colors

First color blue. 
Second color red.

Third color yellow.

Fourth & final color black.

tArvis ©2012
13" x 17"
4 color linoleum print

Over printing detail of Chimú. Note there are hints of
green, purple and orange even though only the primaries
blue, red and yellow were printed.

You got it. The overprinted primary colors mix to create
secondary colors.

For more detailed pictures of the actual printing process
follow this link.

And finally our kitchen & dinning room covered in prints,
as I try to print up at least a 20 piece edition. Imagine this
happening not once, not twice, not even three times, BUT
four times in one week. 

Every color is one time through the press. So with a four
color print there is a lot of drying time. Also to get a solid 
20 prints I sent more like 25 through the press. Sometimes
the Printmaking Gods are unkind and not every piece
prints well. (despite what you see in this picture)

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